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Rainbow Beach Australia

"We love Rainbow Beach for its natural beauty and that we can walk everywhere to get to work or out for a drink. Work is awesome because it is just around the corner from where we live and a 5 minute walk to the beach." Scott Fitzgerald owner and founder of Stockmans Beef Jerky.

It's no wonder why people come from all over the world to visit the wonderful Rainbow Beach in Queensland. It must be one of the top tourist destinations in Australia.

The beauty not only comes form the surroundings, it also shines through to the people, the locals who welcome visitors daily.

Scott loves to serve the local community with quality meat and great service. Rainbow Beach Meats butcher shop is often visited by people who are on holidays. Oh and yes, even Chris Hemsworth and his lovely family are holiday regulars when it comes to meats and Stockmans Beef Jerky packs.

Make sure you come and visit Scott and his team. And don't forget to stock up on your Stockmans Beef Jerky for the trip.

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